Monday, October 11, 2010

Summary Practice (Follow-up from GS) - Group 4

Post your summary of the desert here.

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  1. When it gets too hot in the desert, some desert birds take shelter in holes in cacti. They keep cool and the moisture from the cacti provides them with water. The hard coverings or scale skin of some animals stop moisture from leaking out of the animals' bodies. Underground animals' breath create a moist atmosphere, reducing water loss from their bodies. Furthermore, many do not sweat or pant, and their urine is highly concentrated. Seeds stored in the burrows soak up water vapour in the air. Kangaroo rats have kidneys that they can extract water from their food.

    A beetle just climbs up a sand dune in the morning and raises its back for the water droplets to trickle into its mouth.

    Cacti have wide shallow root systems to soak up any moisture from the atmosphere. They have replaced leaves with spines to lose less moisture in the air.