Book Recommendations

The 39 Clues: The Viper's Nest by Peter Lerangis 
(Published by Scholastic, February 2010)
Synopsis: Amy and Dan almost get killed by their distant cousins while trying to find the next clue. Fortunately, they found the clue in the end. Alive.
Reason for Recommendation: I like exciting stories.
Recommended by Sun Jie Min

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
(Published by Penguin Group, 1943)
Synopsis: This story is about a little boy who did not understand the way of adults but gradually achieved his own understanding through a series of extraordinary events.
Reason for Recommendation: It shows how sensitive and gullible children are and tells us how we can change through our lives, from a child to an adult. it shows the true understanding of life which adults might never attain.
Recommended by Liau Zheng En

The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks
(Published by Vintage, 2005)
Synopsis: This book is about how Harlequins and Travelers avoided the virtual world, despite the advanced technology. Harlequins, who were trained in fighting and keeping a low profile since young, defended Travelers, who had powers to cross over to another realm, from the Brethen. Brethen, which once killed Travelers, then decided to force the only two potential Travelers to help them to guide the other civilisations to Earth.
Reason for Recommendation: This book shows that greed can force one to betray his own family. It is action-packed and shows how Travelers stay away from Brethen despite them being tracked down. In addition, the use of words in the book is smooth-flowing and descriptive.
Recommended by Lim Hao Yang