Monday, October 11, 2010

Summary Practice (Follow-up from GS) - Group 2

Post your summary of the desert here.


  1. The breath of underground animals create a moist atmosphere. So most of these animals have clever ways to cut water-loss by not sweating or panting. The plants, a good example being the cactus, has a wide shallow root systems as well as leaves replaced by spines to reduce water loss

  2. When it gets too hot, some desert birds take shelter which keep them cool, while other animals have rough or spiky covering to prevent dehydration. The key to survival in the desert is to conserve water.

    The breath of underground animals create a moist atmosphere to reduce water evaporation on their bodies. They do not sweat or pant. Kangaroo rats have fast-working kidneys that dehydrates from their food.

    Animals have some intelligent ways to obtain water like storing water or obtaining water for its offspring.

    The animals in the desert have adapted to not dehydrate by licking water off pebbles outside of its burrows. While plants like the cactus have strong stems that soak up water and water droplets.