Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-07: Sean Phua Aik Han)

homELearning Activity 1 (S1-07: Sean Phua Aik Han)

I have chosen Picture 2(c).
The focus in the image is the family of 5 children. I came to this decision as the family makes up most of the picture and in my opinion, the background is slightly blurred out.

The family isn't really in the best economical state and they look like they're poor. The children have little clothing to wear and they also have to sleep on the floor.

I think the story behind this image is of a united and contented family living through the hardest times together. I can come to this conclusion as in the image, the family is happy that they are together even though they are poor and might not have a good living environment.

The photographer is probably trying to tell us that we are very fortunate and definitely should be contented to have a nice living environment and clothes to wear. 

What I like about this picture is that it can bring out the good and bad things of this family all at one time. As if the good and bad were fused as one. If I was the photographer, I would have taken a photograph with 2 families in it. One family poor but contented and one family well-off but un-contented. Something like a contrast.

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