Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (Class:s1-07 Tang Wen Yue)

The focuses in the image are the children as they are in the center of the image and the background is blurred so you can't see it clearly.There are 3 boys that are in the picture.They are smiling at each other and the smallest boy is sitting in a hammock that is behind the other 2 boys.Only 1 boy has a shirt on and one other has 2 bands on his right arm.There is a woman sitting behind the boy who has a shirt on,smiling at the smallest boy.She is wearing a green and yellow dress and she is holding something in her left hand,where a red band and yellow band is visible around her wrist.There are 2 other people lying down behind or under the hammock,facing away from each other.One is wearing a green skirt with a white top,and the legs are tucked in.The other is wearing an orange top with yellow shorts.They are sitting on what looks to be a wooden board and the hammock has a pillow and green blanket on it.I think that the story that lies behind the image is about the family having gotten a better life as the place is quite lively as there are many people in the background.I think the photographer wanted to convey the message that people can still be happy even if they do not have certain privileges.If I were the photographer,I would zoom out a little to show more of the living conditions.

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  1. Can you re-upload the video as the audio is not in-sync so I can give feedback?