Friday, October 15, 2010

Summary Practice (Follow-up from GS) Suggested Content Points

To those who attempted and completed the exercise, you may refer to the suggested content points here:

Suggested content points:
1.     Some desert birds seek shelter in holes inside cacti
2.     Getting water from cacti’s flesh
3.     Some animals have waterproof coverings that prevent water loss
4.     Burrowing animals keep their burrows moist with their breathing
5.     Reducing water-loss through evaporation
6.     Some neither pant nor sweat
7.     Concentrated urine to minimize water-loss
8.     Seeds kept in burrows absorb water vapour from the air
9.     Providing both food and water
10.  Condense water for drinking from fog or dew
11.  Kangaroo rats get water from their food with their extremely efficient kidneys
12.  Male sand grouses fly long distances to look for water
13.  Soak it up with their breast feathers which chicks suck on later
14.  Cacti store water in their stems
15.  Have broad, shallow root systems for absorbing water
16.  Spines instead of leaves to minimize water-loss
17.  Protect from animals attempting to get water from their stems

Good luck for your examinations!


  1. Well, for now. But in time to come, you should have about 15 points as summary will be marked based on 15 for content and 10 for language (at least for now until we know for sure the new format :)