Thursday, September 30, 2010

Email Task & Other Work to be Done

My dear subjects

I have uploaded the keynote onto the Google Sites for your reference. You will find what we have done today there plus TASK 4 which you have to complete by tomorrow [1 October 2010] (Yes, I will extend it to tomorrow because I am a benevolent ruler). I have put the slides here also for your viewing delight.

The rubrics for assessing Paper 1 have also been uploaded under Writing and Representing in the Google Sites.

As you complete the final journal entry on a story of your choice, refer to the rubrics and make sure you make use of we have learnt in terms of plot structure, good beginnings, literary devices and also vivid words and descriptions. This is due 4 October 2010.

I hope my short conversation with you all has begun to make you see the predicted reality if you do not start being serious about the quality of your work from now.

Good advice on deaf ears is but silent sounds.

Heed it if you want to make it.

P/S Reminder for all other pieces of work (Podcast, Advertisement Task, Brochure, Products) to be in by tomorrow [1 October 2010].

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