Thursday, August 12, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-07: Dionne Choo Tsi Min)

I feel that the focusses of the photograph are the woman and toddler.

The woman and toddler, clad in a simple singlet and shorts look very poor. I inferred this as they do not have a bed. Instead, they have to sleep on the floor, on a single piece of cloth, in their cloth shop. I thought that the setting of this photograph was in a cloth shop, as there are a lot of pieces of cloth hanging on a grill, all of which, I think, are for sale.

I think the photographer is trying to show us that some people, like the ones in the photograph, do not even have a proper house to live in. He might also be trying to tell us to be grateful for what we have in Singapore, a good education, and that we do not need to work and man a shop to earn a living, at such a young age.

I like the fact that the photograph was quite closely shot. However, if I were the photographer, I would have partially blurred the background, as I think that it is a bit 'noisy'.

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