Friday, August 13, 2010

homELearning Activity 2 (S1-07: 02 Emily Wu Mei Chang)

Here's the link to my video:

Written response

Who is/are the focus/focuses in the image? How do you know that?

The main focus in this picture is the rickshaw puller pulling a rickshaw amongst the heavy traffic. He is in the centre of the picture and is a big contrast compared to the background of cars and motorcycles.

Describe the characters/setting.

This place is a road with buildings along its two sides. The place is very untidy and dirty, even the floor is wet. It is very cramped and crowded. I can see two yellow cars and a motorcycle on the road. Very near them is the rickshaw puller. He is pulling a rickshaw with two passengers and two big baskets that are filled with stuff. From the position of the rickshaw puller, I can tell that he is having a hard time trying to get the rickshaw to move.  

What kind of story do you think lies behind the image? Explain.

This image wants to show us how tough the lives of rickshaw pullers really are. With the advancement of technology , people would choose taxis and buses over rickshaws so, rickshaw pullers have very little chance to earn money. Furthermore, because they have little business, their physical fitness decreases so they get more tired easily. 

What do you think is/are the message/s the photographer is seeking to convey through the image?

The photographer is probably trying to say that while some people are already driving big cars, some are still pulling rickshaws for a living. He wanted to show this unfairness in  the society through his photo.

What do you like/dislike about the image? What would you have done differently if you were the photographer?

The expression of the rickshaw puller is not shown in the photo. I think that if his expression was shown, it would  have brought out how laborious the work of rickshaw pullers really are. I would make sure the expression is seen but at the same time still keep the background in the picture. 

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