Thursday, August 12, 2010

HomELearning Activity 1, S107:19 (Tam Wai Hang)

The focus of this picture is on the family of six living is a dilapidated house. I can tell that as they are all captured in this picture. 

They are all chatting happily despite living in such a poor environment. There is a baby sitting on a hammock hanging down from the roof. 

One of the family members in green shorts, who is probably their father, is sleeping beside one of their children. The rest of the members are having a great time chatting with each other.

I think that the photographer is trying to convey that, even in such a third-world country, there is not necessary any misery, but there can be very happy families who are satisfied with what they currently have.

I like the picture as it a very simple and captures the happy moment within a family. If I were the photographer, I would capture a smaller number of people in the picture, so there is not so much other distractions. 

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