Monday, April 5, 2010

Common Threats to Computers

Hi class

Please think about these questions and post your comment. Some research may be needed to answer them.

  1. When do we use "program" and "programme"?
  2. Why is the Trojan Horse so named?
  3. Why are there no figures given in this information report? Does it make it less authoritative?
  4. What do you think is the underlying message of the report?


  1. 1."Program" is the american term while "programme" is the british term. Examples of "Program" is a term that can be usually found in Computers as in "computer programs" but we usually use "programmes" in Singapore. (eg. television programmes)
    2. Trojan Horse is derived from the Greek Mythology term. Trojan Horse in Greek Mythology is said to be used by Crafty Odysseus to win the Trojan War with the Greeks
    3. This information report is probably used only to inform others about computer viruses and not to advertise on a product so therefore it does not need to have pictures to make it attractive. Although having the reason given above, I feel that having no facts and figures makes the information less authoritative because there is no evidence to show and prove that the information given is true.
    4. This information is used to give information and caution people on the many different viruses as well as to to advise them on the use of anti-virus softwares

  2. 1) Program is used as a computer term while programme is used to describe activities.

    2) It is called Trojan Horse as the virus takes no effect until executed. This is the same as the Trojan Horse used in the Trojan War. The Greeks only emerged from the horse to attack the city of Troy after the Trojans had brought the Horse into the city.

    3) There is too little information on the viruses and too many cases to put in any statistics. This does not make it less authoritative as it should be known that many computers are infected with these viruses.

    4) The report is trying to say that your computer is at risk of getting viruses and that you should install a good anti-virus to protect your computer now in case your files get wiped out.

  3. 1. Program is an American term but Programme is a british term

    2. It is called Trojan Horse because(I think) the virus does not take effect until it is accepted and will destroy the computer from the inside, just like how the Greeks destroyed Troy(as stated by Sean).

    3. Less information may mean that little is known about the virus or not much information can be released. It doesn't have to mean that it is less authoritative.

    4. It's telling us to be careful with whatever we download/take down from the Internet. It may contain viruses, so the safest way is to NOT download anything from the Internet at all.

    Darius Low

  4. 1. we use program in the u.s. and programme in u.k.
    2. the trojan horse is named thus as it's tactics resemble that of the trojan horse ancient war technique, as the information report is only to tell people about the existence of the computer viruses
    4.we must be weary of suspicious programs that we have not seen before

  5. 1. The first one, 'program' is the term use for html programming and it is a action verb. While the second one, 'programme' is a type of software run on a computer by the user.

    2. The Trojan Horse is named as in the ancient times, when the Greeks were invading Troy, they could not get in to the city. So, the Greeks came up with a plan to build a giant wooden horse. The trojans, thinking that the horse was left behind accidentally by the Greeks, they took it in into the city. Actually, the horse contained about 30 men and that was how they inflitrated the city. So, the meaning of Trojan Horse is disguising yourself as something else so as to infiltrate something but in this case the computer.

    3.They are trying to describe it to the older generation as it is more of a computer savvy report and uses more specialized terms. Even so that does not make it less authoritative.

    4.They are trying to tell us to beware of files that we download from the net as nowadays, they are very good at disguising files and therefore we must always have a reliable anti-virus software installed.

  6. 1.Program is mainly used for computer applications, such as iChat, Pages, Numbers, etc
    2.It originated from the greek warrior Troy
    3.Yes, it does make it less authoritative because it can be just a report done by a student and not a professional.
    4.I think that it is just trying to warn us from viruses.

  7. !)Program is an American term while programme is a British term.
    @)It is the Trojan horse because it is like the wooden horse used in the Trojan war.
    3)This is an information report informing us about the virus so there is really not much need for picture. I do not think that having no facts or figures makes it less authoritative as it is just a brief report about computer/ malicious software.
    4)This report is trying to convey that your PC is at risk of viruses.

  8. 1)"Program" refers to computers while "programmes" refer to activities.

    2) Seeking to gain entrance into Troy, clever Odysseus ordered a large wooden horse to be built. Its insides were hollow so that soldiers could hide within it. Once the statue had been built by the artist Epeius, a number of the Greek warriors, along with Odysseus, climbed inside. The rest of the Greek fleet sailed away, so as to deceive the Trojans.The Trojans celebrated what they thought was their victory, and dragged the wooden horse into Troy. That night, after most of Troy was asleep or in a drunken stupor, Sinon let the Greek warriors out from the horse, and they slaughtered the Trojans.

    3) It is informative.

    4) Save your computer from evil malwares.

  9. 1) We use program when we are using programming applications and programme is the application itself.
    2) Trojan Horse, in the past, was a vehicle used by the Greek to invade Troy. This virus is so named as it is disguised as a file or program in the computer.
    3) There are no figures in this information report as viruses cannot be substituted with figures. This though, does not make it less authoritative as it is a common fact that a virus can infect a computer.
    4) We should be careful when opening email attachments or applications that we are not sure whether it is safe or not. We can use antivirus softwares to scan the applications or check whether the publisher is trusted. Overall, we must be alert towards untrusted source of programmes.

  10. 1.The word program is used for the context of the computer and while the word programme is used for activities that are held.

    2. The Trojan Horse is used as a strategies that let the Greek to enter Troy to end the conflict between them. Men hid inside the horse and were pulled into Troy. The Greeks opened the gate of Troy during the night and let the Greek army in which ended the war.

    3. The information report only states the different types of malware, and not the percentage of the people who are infected. This does not make it any more informative as many people who use computers are aware of the widespread of this virus.

    4. The report is trying to say that people who are in this globally connected network are at risk of getting affected by different viruses and we should stay alert and be aware of our surroundings.

  11. 1) One is British english the other is not.

    2) The Trojan Virus is called Trojan Virus as it appears harmless at first just like in the story.

    3) There may be too many cases of the viruses.

    4)The report is trying to say that computer viruses are very harmful towards your computer.

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  13. 1. When do we use "program" and "programme"?
    “Program” is the American spelling but “programme” is the British one.

    2. Why is the Trojan Horse so named?
    The Trojan Horse was taken in by Troy after the Greeks left it there and pretended to escape. It hid 30 Greeks inside who opened the gates to let in the Greeks to attack Troy unexpected. Similarly, the virus is to be opened before it attacks the computer.

    3. Why are there no facts or figures in this information report? Does it make it less authoritative?
    There is no need for figures in this report. So, the absence of figures does not affect the authority of the report.

    4. What is the underlying message of the report?
    It is telling the readers that viruses are harmful and should be avoided. Also, telling the reader to use anti-virus softwares.

  14. 1) When do we use "program" and "programme"?
    We use the word "program" if we are American. "Programme" is usually for British.
    When we use computer terms, it is best to use the American term since most computer programs is created by Americans.
    2) Why is the Trojan Horse so named?
    There is a story which Greek soldiers hid inside a wooden horse which is empty. It is actually thought as a gift to the Troy. During night, the soldiers came out of the horse and opened the securely defended gates in the city. The Greek soldiers appeared for an ambush and soon the city of Troy is captured.
    3) Why are there no figures given in this information report? Does it make it less authoritative?
    It only makes a small difference. Since the topic is about virus and awareness about them, there is no need for the figures.
    4) What do you think is the underlying message of the report?
    Do NOT open, download or run untrusted programs or softwares.

  15. 1. We use the word "programme" in our class, but refer to "program" when using the computer. (computer programs)
    2. It is similar to the trojan horse story. We send it to someone and tell thee person to open it. When the person opens it, its content will be unleashed.
    3. It may because there are a wide range of purposes of the computer threats. Yes.
    4. It tells us to watch ourselves when we serf the internet, & to better inform us about the threats of the internet.

  16. 1. Programme is the British term for program. The term "programme" is most often found in terms like "a list of programme".

    2. It is called the tronjans horse because the method of attacks resembles the strategies that Odysseus used.

    3. Since it is informal, I think that there is no need for facts and figures as it is just a brief introduction of the virus.

    4. It was trying to tell us that the web is dangerous and we should take precautions against the danger of the web.

  17. 1. Program is a planned series of future events, items, etc. while programme has something to do with computing.

    2. It is called Trojan Horse as the term is derived from the Trojan Horse story in Greek mythology.

    3. There is not enough information on the viruses but it does not make it less authoritative as there is no need for figures in the text.

    4. It is trying to say that the computer is at risk of getting viruses if you do not install a good anti-virus to protect your computer.

  18. 1. Program is in American spelling while programme is usually used in the British context. The word program is used more often in the context of a computer software, but programme is usually used to describe an activity or a plan.
    2. In the past, the Trojan horse was a front for the soldiers inside, so this virus, the Trojan horse virus, is similar as it appears harmless until executed.
    3. Even though there are no figures in the report, it is still an authoritative source. The figures were most likely not stated because it was not important and not needed as this article does not require any figures.
    4. I think that the underlying message of the report is to download the correct software to ensure the safety of your computer and advises you to be careful when downloading or viewing files on the internet.

  19. 1)Program is American english and is used as a verb while programme is British english and is used as a noun.
    2)The virus is called the Trojan Horse because it is harmless until it is executed,like the Trojan horse in a Greek myth.The Greeks were trying for very long to get inside the city of Troy.Odysseus,a Greek hero, came up with the idea of having the rest of their army sail away and leaving behind a wooden horse as a way to infiltrate the city.When the troys saw that the Greeks had left,they dragged the wooden horse inside their city,thinking that it was a gift from the Greeks.What they did not know was that thirty Greek soldiers were hidden in the belly of the horse.They came out and killed the people in the city.
    3)No figures are given in this information report because it is warning us about computer viruses and gives us a bit of information about the many types of computer viruses.It might be less authoritative because it did not contain any examples.
    4)I think the message of this information report is that you must be wary of computer viruses as they can cause great amount of trouble.

  20. 1. Program is used while programming application while programme is used for activities.
    2. Trojan horse used to be a weapon, and it somehow relates to the virus.
    3. No. Viruses cannot be subsituted by figures. This report still gives us the information we want and therefore is equally authoratative.
    4. We should be aware of the viruses existing in out world.

  21. 1)Programme is a british word while program is an American word.
    2) It is named after the Trojan Horse built by the Greeks. It appears harmless at first but it is very dangerous after it has been executed.
    3) I dont think there was a need for figures for this report. no, there are still many technological terms.
    4) To warn people of the many viruses and how dangerous they are.

  22. 1) program is used as a computer term while programme is used when planning events.
    2)It is used like this as it destroys the target when it has infiltrated the target
    3)It has no figures as it is a report that has very little information on viruses and not many people have their computer hit by viruses
    4) It is to give information to people to beware of computer viruses