Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Survey Time!

Hi S1-07

Before we embark on the new unit of Information Reports, please complete this form to give me an idea your level of readiness, interest and learning profile. Make sure you have already logged in to the s2010 domain.

The responses from this form will give me an idea on how to try to design my lessons to cater to every one of your learning needs.

P/S We shall commence the I&E presentations on Thursday (1 April 2010 - No, this is not an April Fool's joke :). Please be prepared. Group leaders should make sure everyone has a chance to present and please refer to the given rubrics to prepare. Each group has about 10 minutes.

PP/S I will give those who attended the NTU talk their much-awaited thumbdrives on Thursday too ;p

PPP/S If you have read a good book, please make a recommendation using the link on this blog (see it on the right?)

Mr Richard Koh

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