Thursday, February 4, 2010

Writing Your Autobiography

Dear S1-07

The individual task you are about to embark on shall prepare you for the summative assessment that I will share with you in detail next week.

1. Go to this website.

2. Complete the activities to learn about describing people, places and experiences and about putting events in chronological order.

3. After you have completed these activities, you will get to write your autobiography. Refer to the Pages document (i.e. S1-07_RegNo_Name_AdverbsAdjectives) you have created to assist you.

4. Fill in all the boxes provided and remember to make use of adverbs and adjectives purposefully as that constructs the way you want your reader to view the people, places or experiences you are describing.

5. After you have completed this activity, click on "Submit" and the website will generate out your draft autobiography. Please do a screen capture (i.e. on your MacBook, click on shift+command+4 and drag to size before clicking, the image will go to your desktop. Save the image in your EL folder on the desktop. Don't delete it - Zong Wei, yes, I am referring to you). Here's a sample of what I have captured.

6. Post the image of your own autobiography on your own SST blog (if you have not given me the URL to your blog, please do post a comment here). Put the title of your blog entry as "Writing My Autobiography".

This task essentially provides you with the first draft of the script to the eventual digital story you will be creating. Have a good walk down memory lane.

Mr Richard Koh